Ukrainian astronomers name their star "Putin is a..."

Star believed to be located beyond Moscow's sphere of influence

Vladimir Putin’s reach may stretched beyond Russia’s borders in recent months, with Crimea and other areas of east Ukraine falling under Russian control, but in outer space the Russian President is as vulnerable as the rest of us.

Ukrainian astronomers have named a star “Putin-Huilo” which translates roughly as “Putin is a d***head”.

The star was adopted for just $10, through the Pale Blue Dot Project, which lets anyone adopt a star for just $10, and then ‘name’ it as they see fit. The moeny then gos towards funding research for astronomers looking to find planets similar to Earth. The star isn’t officially named Putin Huilo, but its adopted name is listed as Putin Huilo.

If you fancy looking for it, Putin Huilo can be found at Celestial Star: right Ascension: 18 h 59 m 47.09 s Slope: 46 * 26 '44', 'magnitude: 11. 

Putin Huilo is something of am internet sensation in Ukraine, with the phrase now entering popular use having, it is speculated, originated with football fans before spreading to a wider audience during the Maidan protests in Kiev: