US workers forced to wear diapers due to lack of toilet breaks

A shocking report from Oxfam America...

US workers forced to wear diapers due to lack of toilet breaks

Picture by: Danny Johnston / AP/Press Association Images

Poultry workers in the United States face the threat of being fired if they take bathroom breaks, leading to many of them wearing adult diapers whilst on the job.

A new study from Oxfam America has found that the "vast majority" of 250,000 staff working on the poultry production line are mocked, ignored or threatened with unemployment when they ask to use the restroom.

The report says:

"Workers struggle to cope with this denial of a basic human need. They urinate and defecate while standing on the line; they wear diapers to work".

The charity claims that staff take on dangerously low levels of liquids, enduring pain and discomfort and risking serious health problems.

Anonymous workers at Tyson Foods, Perdue Farms, Pilgrim's Pride and Sanderson Farms spoke up. Between them, they employ some 100,000 people and make up 60% of the industry.

Tyson responded in a statement that it would "not tolerate" the denial of requests to use the bathroom.

"We're concerned about these anonymous claims and while we currently have no evidence they're true, are checking to make sure our position on restroom breaks is being followed".

Oxfam's report stated:

"A recent survey in Minnesota revealed that 86 percent of workers interviewed said they get fewer than two bathroom breaks in a week".

Supervisors are under extreme pressure to meet daily production quotas.

"While the poultry industry today enjoys record profits and pumps out billions of chickens, the reality of life inside the processing plant remains grim and dangerous.

"Workers earn low wages, suffer elevated rates of injury and illness, toil in difficult conditions, and have little voice in the workplace".

Oxfam is calling on companies to use "floating" workers to take over duties when employees need to leave the production line. 

Tyson Foods says it has met with Oxfam and complied with the request.