US Election: The end is nigh but NYC isn't giving anything away

Chris Donoghue is in New York ahead of the most dramatic presidential showdown of modern times

Newstalk Drive's Chris Donoghue is in New York City ahead of the US Election results... 

I'm in New York and the end is nigh.

The campaign is over. The voting is underway, the counting will be quick.....or at least it should be.

In a country as big as the USA and in a campaign as loud as the one we have seen in 2016 it's ironic that both candidates have come to a stop in the city that never sleeps. Both Trump and Clinton will hold victory rallies here tonight. The 45th President of the United States will most definitely be standing within a two square mile area of Midtown Manhattan. But will it be Mr President or Madam President?

A few curious things have struck me in the USA over the last week. When I covered the 2008 campaign Barack Obama never highlighted that he would be the first black President. It was there for everyone to see and he didn't need to talk about it, everyone else already was. Here in 2016 there is no conversation about the fact Hillary Clinton could be their first woman President. Maybe that historic moment will sink in if it happens but for now she's just Hillary, and she's been around forever.

As for Donald Trump, the candidate everyone said would fall at the next hurdle has made it all the way to the fence of the White House. In Mr Trump, millions of Americans have found something that they didn't see in mainstream politicians. He's a billionaire who lives on the top floors of a luxury New York building named after himself and clad in gold, yet people feel he speaks for them.

Even at this 11th hour, I find people on the streets who say they're voting for both Trump and Clinton in equal numbers. The pundits are still convinced it'll be Hillary's year. He couldn't do it... Could he?


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