UNDAUNTED: Belief in the human spirit will bring light after the Nice tragedy

Following the attack in Nice, Steve Daunt wants to lift our spirits...

My Bastille day began with me digging out the scene from Casablanca where the visitors to Rick’s belt out Le Marseilles. It was an image of the triumph of the human spirit. You might have heard it played out on Lunchtime. Twelve hours after finding the audio, I was drifting off to sleep when the alerts began.

Ten, twenty, thirty... A van mowing down people watching fireworks on a boardwalk. A fitful night’s sleep ended with the number going up to 80.

The boardwalk turned into an avenue of blue tarpaulin sheets covering eighty four lost lives.

The human spirit has been trampled upon.

On such a dark morning, it is hard to realise that the human spirit can soar and create joy. It can bring love to our lives.

It will defeat hate.

The human spirit will triumph.

The human spirit has triumphed. Here.

No more words are needed.