#TwoWomenTravel: Irish woman live tweeting journey to UK for abortion

The woman set out in the early hours of the morning

#TwoWomenTravel: Irish woman live tweeting journey to UK for abortion

Delegates from Amnesty International outside Government Buildings | Image: Róisín Treacy

An Irish woman is live tweeting updates during her journey to Manchester for an abortion.

The woman began her journey in the early hours of the morning accompanied by a second woman, who is supporting her and helping her operate the Twitter account @TwoWomenTravel.

The account’s bio reads: “Two Women, one procedure, 48 hours away from home.” It quickly garnered thousands of followers and #TwoWomenTravel started trending in Ireland and the UK.

The women have tagged the Taoiseach Enda Kenny in several tweets, in an effort to highlight the issue.

Comedy writer and influential Twitter user Graham Linehan tweeted his support saying "Love that they're keeping @endakennyTD updated."

"We make this journey in stern solidarity with all our Irish sisters who have gone before us," another message read.

The women tweeted updates before they boarded the plane, on a train in Manchester and in the waiting room of the clinic. They then had to take a taxi to another location due to an “Unxpectd (sic) change of venue.”

Neither of the women's identities have been released.

The account's profile picture supports the Repeal the 8th campaign. The eighth amendment gives equal rights to the life of the unborn and pregnant woman and is due to be discussed at the citizens assembly this Autumn.