Two more arrested by French Police over gas tanks terror probe

It is believed a 'test run' for a terror attack was intercepted

image via IRN

image via IRN

Police in France say they have made two more arrests after the discovery of an abandoned car containing gas cylinders in Paris.

The vehicle, which had no registration plates, was found with its hazard lights flashing near Notre Dame cathedral on Saturday night.

Police said the car contained six gas tanks and may have been part of a "test run" for a terror attack.

Two people were arrested and taken into custody on Wednesday night, a judicial official said.

The pair were detained near Montargis, around 70 miles south of Paris, a French police source told AFP.

It comes after two people, aged 34 and 29, were arrested at a service in southern France on Tuesday.

Both were said to have been known to police for having links to extremist Islamists.

The owner of recovered vehicle was briefly detained and later released but his "radicalised" daughter is being sought by police, the Paris prosecutor's office said.

Three other people have also been held and questioned before being released, it added.

The terror probe comes after a warning from Paris prosecutor Francois Molins that an increasing number of teenage girls have been radicalised in the French capital.

Mr Molins told Le Monde that many of them have "very worrying profiles" and "sometimes terrorist plans that, intellectually, start to be brought to completion".

He added that 35 minors - 23 boys and 12 girls - are being investigated under preliminary charges, nine of whom have been detained.

France has been under a state emergency since the November 2015 attacks on Paris that killed 130 people and injured hundreds.

The state of emergency was extended for six months after the Bastille Day attack in July, in which 86 people were killed when a truck ploughed into a crowd in Nice.

Less than a fortnight later two young jihadists murdered a priest near the northern city of Rouen.

More to follow.