Sherliyn Fenn looks set to make an unexpected return in new series of 'Twin Peaks'

A third season of the cult TV show is currently in production

It has been over a quarter of a century since Twin Peaks hit TV screens, but the third season is set to finally arrive in 2017.

With the show in production already, there has been a long list of confirmed and rumoured returning stars: Kyle MacLachlan as Dale Cooper, Miguel Ferrer as FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield, Sheryl Lee as Laura Palmer, Richard Beymer as Ben Horne, and David Patrick Kelly as Ben’s brother Jerry have all been mentioned, and are set to feature in one way or another. 

However, fans may be shocked to discover that actress Sherilyn Fenn is also going to make a return to the show as the much-loved Audrey Horne.

Those who didn't follow the series may not find that news particularly remarkable, but fans will be aware that the fate of Fenn's character was left up in the air, at best.

An explosion at the climax of the second season back in 1991 was assumed to have killed Audrey Horne, amongst others, but it seems that might not be entirely the case if Fenn is returning for the new show.

Creator David Lynch is back as writer and director, and isn't giving much information away just yet. Few teasers and trailers have appeared, all of which tap into the same eerie feeling that the original two series attempted to create. 

The show will be aired on Showtime in the States, but as yet there is no confirmation on who will be airing the programme in the UK and Ireland.