Trekflix: Netflix unveils its most popular sci-fi episodes

It comes ahead of the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery

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Image via @StarTrek on Twitter

Netflix has revealed the most popular episodes of 'Star Trek' on its streaming service.

695 episodes of the ever popular sci-fi show are currently being beamed into Irish homes.

And the newest incarnation of Gene Roddenberry's universe, Star Trek: Discovery, is premiering on September 25th.

They spoke to 177 trekkies in Ireland and the UK to see who made the top spots in terms of episodes of the pervious series.

Star Trek fans have spent more than 536 hours (about 22 days) trekflixing through every single episode in the entire franchise.

Netflix says not surprisingly, the first episodes of a series will always be the most watched.

But looking beyond the first two episodes, Voyager dominates the chart - holding six spots in the top 10.

Netflix data reveals that Voyager boasts the most revisited episode in the universe: "Endgame, Parts 1 & 2", its finale, is the most re-watched episode in the entire franchise.

While celebrating its 30th anniversary this month, Star Trek: The Next Generation has four spots on the top 10 most revisited episodes list.

Source: Netflix

Netflix analysed the viewing data of 104 million members across 190 countries who have watched any Star Trek series on Netflix.

The company says a 're-watch' is defined when a member returns to watch at least six minutes of an episode they had previously completed.