Tom McGurk: "Why would Northern Ireland want to join the South?"

The broadcaster and columnist tells George why the North wouldn't want to unite with the South, while also touching on the implications of Brexit.

"If the UK crashes out, we crash out with them.  You can't just step out of one set of negotiations, and into a set of another."

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin has promised that in the coming months his party will produce a blueprint for a united Ireland, and columnist Tom McGurk isn't convinced, and told George Hook as much today on High Noon.

"Why would they want to?"

McGurk is also confused that there seems to have been no answers to the many questions that would arise for Ireland, should Brexit happen.  This is as Article 50 could be trigger in the next day or two.

"How do we maintain a common travel area? How can a hard border not destroy the cross border agricultural industry? These are just two questions that have not been answered by the Government."

McGurk added that he's dismayed by the attitude of the Irish Government thus far, believing that they've taken the position of simply 'hoping for the best'; this all while he is of the view that Ireland should be talking very seriously about leaving the EU, and allying itself with the UK.

"You can't talk about leaving the EU in this country.  We're so overwhelmed by Europe."

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