Today is #BatmanDay2016, and it's time to face facts: Batman is a murderer

And we don't just mean in the recent movie, he's been at it pretty much since the beginning

Today marks the third annual Batman Day, which first popped up in 2014 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the character being created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger.

So while it might be a little bit like waiting for your child's birthday party to tell them they're adopted, today seems like a good a day as any to drop this particular truth-bomb: Batman is a killer.

We don't just mean in the recent incarnation in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice when Ben Affleck ran his Batmobile over countless henchmen, and then later on caved in about dozen skulls with his bare hands.

No, Batman was been a killer pretty much since the beginning. While Batman first popped up Detective Comics #27 in 1939, he didn't hang around long before going partaking in a bit of murder - his very first solo comic, in fact, he was killing willy nilly.

In Batman #1, first published in 1940, the Caped Crusader is taking on Doctor Hugo Strange, who has created a toxic serum that he has tested out on some mental patients who then turn into huge, hulking mindless monsters.

Dr. Strange is about to drop one of these things off a nearby town and cause havoc, when the Batplane flies by overhead, drops out a metal noose, wraps it around the maniac's neck, and just carries him away to his death.

Maybe you're thinking "Yeah, if there was no cure, then obviously this poor man is actually better off dead than a brainless, harm-causing monster!"

And we'd be inclined to agree with you, except just a few frames earlier in the same story...

Yep, he'd created a cure, one he used on himself and himself alone, and didn't even try to use on that poor mental patient.

If you're thinking maybe this was just a one-off, a mis-step of a first step, then again, we'd be inclined to want to agree with you, but research and the eventual facts that arise would dictate otherwise.

There's actually plenty of examples to go around, but perhaps the most noticeable one involves a plot in which Tokyo soldiers invade Gotham City, and Batman responds with a mix of aggressive racism and even more aggressive murdering.

We know it was taken from an issue published in 1943, but still, not cool.

All through the years of comic books, right up to the video games of late, Batman was been killing. Folks complaining about Dawn Of Justice seem to have completely forgotten about Michael Keaton in Batman Returns setting fire to a man with his Bat-exhaust, or the big dude he just planted a bomb on and then tossed down a man-hole.

Listen, it's fine, we're not judging. Sometimes in order to make a crime-free omelette, you've got to break a few crime eggs. But own up to it! Don't go around thinking you're a saint when you've killed more people than most of the villains you're fighting.

Happy Anniversary, Batman! Keep up the "good" work!