Back To Basics: Ticket happy traffic wardens are killing retail business

Navan shoe shop owner Jack Kiernan is upset that traffic wardens are scaring potential shoppers out of the town because they're so quick to give parking tickets

In the latest part of High Noon's 'Back To Basics' series, George spoke to shop owner Jack Kiernan, who is annoyed that traffic wardens in Navan are too quick to give parking tickets.

He believes the practice is 'scaring people out of the town'.

'My main problem is that the County Council have brought in wardens who are employed by a private firm, and they're giving tickets every 5 minutes.'

'Someone's time could be up at 1.51pm, and you'll see a warden out there at 1.52 or 1.53 putting a ticket on the car.  There's no grace period of 15 minutes any more.'

George couldn't believe this was happening, and wasn't surprised that Jack was fearful for his, and his town's business as a result.

You can listen to the full interview by clicking below.