Three Dubliners go on trial over murder of Gareth Hutch in 2016

Prosecuting counsel told the court the murder was "undoubtedly brutal and callous"

Three Dubliners go on trial over murder of Gareth Hutch in 2016

Gardaí at the scene after Gareth Hutch was fatally shot in North Cumberland Street, Dublin, 24-05-2016. Image: Sam Boal/RollingNews

Three Dubliners have gone on trial accused of the murder of a member of the Hutch family.

36-year-old Gareth Hutch was shot dead outside his home in Dublin's inner city on the morning of May 24th 2016.

In his opening address, Prosecuting barrister Paul Burns described the murder as undoubtedly brutal and callous.

It wasn’t a spur of the moment attack, he said – but was premeditated with a significant amount of planning behind it.

32-year-old Jonathan Keogh of Gloucester Place, his older sister Regina and 31-year-old Thomas Fox of Rutland Court have all pleaded not guilty to the murder.

It’s the Prosecution’s case that Jonathan Keogh was one of the gunmen on the day while the two others were instrumental in the planning and carrying out of the attack.  

Mr Burns said it would be alleged that the day before the murder a ‘heated exchange’ took place between Gareth Hutch and Jonathan Keogh outside Mr Hutch’s home at the Avondale House flat complex in the north inner city.

It ended with them shaking hands.

Later that evening, it would be alleged Jonathan Keogh had a phone call with a member of the extended Hutch family where he expressed his intention to kill Gareth Hutch.