'This will significantly help parents communicate with their autistic child'

Dr Catherine Aldred explains to George just how much a new treatment could help parents and children living with autism.

An incredible new treatment could greatly aid families living with autism.

Dr Catherine Aldred, Consultant Speech & Language Therapist at University of Manchester, and author of the study, explained to George today on High Noon, just how significant this is.

It’s the first time long-term effects of such an early intervention have been demonstrated.

The follow-up study was designed to look at long-term outcomes from the Pre-school Autism Communication Trial (Pact), which involved 152 autistic children aged two to four.

In the new analysis, 121 of the original participants were re-assessed after six years. Of these, 59 had received the Pact therapy.

Symptoms in the treated children were found to be less severe. There were improvements in social communication and a reduction in repetitive behaviour.

Listen to the full interview with Dr Aldred below.