This week on Down to Business: Selling books, reimagining golf, male grooming

Two hours of the most interesting voices in business to kick-start your weekend...

Vincent Wall is live in studio tomorrow morning (taking Bobby Kerr's hot seat for the week) and ready to bring you all the best business stories around and an eclectic array of guests for two whole hours.

Catch the action on air and online from 10:00am.

Here's what you have to look forward to:

  • Dissecting the talking points on the front pages and business pages of the day's papers, we'll be joined by Sinead O’Donnell, account director with Carr Communications.
  • Stephen Browne was a professional golfer for 6 years. He retired and began working in software. But now golf is back in his life as he’s helped develop an app called Voxgolf which might revolutionise the way people play - he'll be telling us all about it.
  • We look at the male grooming industry, producer John Fardy gets his first hot towel shave.
  • Geraldine Herbert, motoring correspondent will be answering all your questions from our Motoring Mailbag.
  • Owner of The Gutter Bookshop, Bob Johnston, manager of Bridge Street Books, Joanna Hamilton and owner of Books Upstairs Morris Earls will be in talking book sales in 2017.
  • We'll learn all about the Plain English Awards.
  • Sean Sheehan founded Wisetek in 2007. Based in Cork they employ just over 250 people and recently opened a new centre in Dublin. What do they do? They basically recycle hardware and stop your computer going to landfill. He'll be in our executive chair.

All this and more on Down to Business from 10am until midday tomorrow.

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