This week on Down to Business: Dublin's restaurant boom, keeping staff, Athlone businesses and the floods

We have a lot to get through tomorrow...

Jonathan Healy takes a break from his lunchtime slot to fill in for Bobby Kerr tomorrow - live from 10:00am.

Here's what we have ready to go:

  • First up, we take a look at the stories that are making an impact in the business pages and the front pages of Saturday's papers with Doug Keating of Murray Consultants.
  • New Year / New Job - For many people a New Year can mean a new start as many individuals decide January is the perfect time to change careers or jobs. But what about those who are trying to keep staff from leaving? What measures can they put in place to stop you from fleeing the nest? We talk to HR expert David Bell who is the Managing Director of The HR Department he'll give us the 'dos and don’ts' on how to keep staff.

  • Cool Beans - Sarah O'Conner and Isolde Johnson tell us about their business selling healthy beans.
  • The Red Pill - Paul Ballman has made his career in the world of business psychology, he talks us through his leadership philosophy.
  • Flood warning - Last summer we took Winning Back the High Street to Athlone. After weeks of flooding, we talk to business owners and learn how commerce in the town has been affected.
  • Industry review - We look at the outlook for restaurants in 2016 with Elaine Murphy from the Winding Stair, The Woolen Mills and The Washerwoman restaurants, Niall Sabongi from Klaw and Rock Lobster and Robbie Fox from Beluccis will all be in the studio

All this and more on Down to Business from 10am until midday tomorrow morning, on air and online

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