This week on Down to Business: Dancing diggers, aerobatic champions & the construction industry

Coming to you from Ireland's construction and quarry machinery show this Saturday morning...

This week on Down to Business: Dancing diggers, aerobatic champions & the construction industry

Picture by: Rui Vieira/PA Archive/PA Images

Bobby Kerr is live from Ireland's largest construction and quarrying machinery show (CQMS) at Molloy's Quarry Tinnycross in Tullamore tomorrow morning, primed and ready to bring you plenty of building chat and an array of guests for two whole hours.

Catch the action on air and online from 10:00am.

Here's what you have to look forward to:

  • CQMS director and publisher of Machinery Movers magazine publisher Brian Coogan joins Bobby to talk about the landmark event, which brings together industry leaders and showcases some €70 million worth of new machinery on offer in Ireland. The 2017 edition has 35% more exhibition space, with up to 8,000 visitors and a large overseas delegation expected.
  • Time to bring on the JCB Dancing Diggers as Denis Murray, managing director of ECI JCB, tells Bobby about the unique display which sees expert drivers perform outrageous, seemingly gravity-defying routines in backhoe loaders. 

  • Some 65% of the world's crushing and screening equipment is produced in Ireland, and one of the most important names in making that happen is Smiley Monroe Ltd. Marketing director Tim Monroe joins Down to Business to talk about how the island is an international centre for this crucial equipment.
  • Perhaps unsurprisingly, construction is in the spotlight for this week's industry review. As the cranes reappear on our city skylines, how much of an upsurge have we seen in the industry and is the growth only confined to urban centres? Discussing these issues and a new industry report are Tom Parlon, director general of the Construction Industry FederationBrendan Crowley, the head of asset-based lending for the Dublin area with AIB; and Brian Conway from Conway McBeth Chartered Quantity Surveyors
  • Getting off the ground we meet Eddie Goggins, a five-time Irish aerobatic champion. The pilot talks ahead of performing all sorts of elaborate stunts in the Tullamore skies above the CQMS event.
  • Sitting in the executive chair is Damien Quinn, MD of Powerscreen Ireland. His Laois-based company employs 1,500 people and is the only Irish firm that's dedicated full-time to the needs of the crushing and screening industry. 

All this and more on Down to Business with Bobby Kerr from 10am until midday tomorrow.

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