'This is part of what has the health service on its knees'

Dr Chris Luke reacts with disappointment to the idea that clinicians should take patients through every possible option, even if they believe some will have disadvantages.

'If doctors now don’t know best what is the point of doctors at all?'

Cork University Hospital's Chris Luke isn't impressed with new guidelines from the Royal College of Surgeons in the UK, which say that Doctors should no longer tell  patients which medical treatments they need to have and must instead set out the options and let people decide for themselves.

He joined George Hook on High Noon to share his dismay.

'If you dress the health service as a farmers market you take away the fragility of Health and docs should not be as commodity or vendors – partnership approach is important but consumerism taken too far could be dangerous'

Dr Luke also thinks people now regard dealing with doctors as another retail transaction, and that these guidelines suggest doctors should be like a travel agent; showing all the possibilities – and he does agree there is a huge amount in favour of patient involvement.

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