'They aren't new to politics. They seem responsible'

Iceland journalist Sigrun Davidsdottor explains what's happening in Iceland, and why the rise of the Pirate Party is so significant.

Former WikiLeaks spokesperson Birgitta Jonsdottir's Pirate Party is set to become the largest group in a liberal coalition after Iceland votes this weekend.

It's a party that favours direct democracy, complete government transparency, decriminalising drugs and offering asylum to Edward Snowden.

They look on course to either win or finish a close second.

Jónsdóttir says she has no ambition to be prime minister, pointing to the Pirate party’s horizontal structure. Rather, she wants to sweep away what she sees as Iceland’s dysfunctional system.

Iceland journalist Sigrun Davidsdottor, whose living in London, explained all to George Hook on High Noon, saying that these aren't a group of outsiders who are crazy.  They're just offering policies people are attracted to.

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