These are the biggest causes of 'headaches' in Ireland

The things that annoy Irish people the most...

These are the biggest causes of 'headaches' in Ireland

‘The complainer’ revealed as most annoying colleague in Irish offices | Image: Viking/Office Depot

Forgetting something at home is the biggest cause of 'headaches' for Irish people, according to a new poll.

Conducted by Nurofen Express with iReach insights as part of their #HeadacheHacks campaign, the research looked to investigate what the most what 'headaches' hinder our daily lives.

Rushing out the door and leaving something important behind was voted the biggest 'headache' in the morning, with 52% of the votes - closely followed by struggling to find a top or shirt they had planned to wear.

Within the home, not having enough storage for clothes is listed as the number one cause for 'headache' with 50% of the votes. The common complaints of losing the remote control and struggling to fold a fitted bedsheet also ranked highly in this section, with 16% and 10% respectively.

When cooking, the most common irritant is the frequent fight to get the lid off a jar. 37% of those surveyed stated this as the biggest annoyance in the kitchen. The odour which lingers on a cook’s hands after chopping garlic also ranked highly with 29% of the votes.

"Who took my pen?"

When it comes to the workplace, Irish people sweat the small stuff with the biggest 'headache-inducing' incident being when a pen is taken from the desk by a colleague (39%). Finding crumbs in the keyboard is also considered a 'headache' for 22% of Irish people.
On driving to work, half (50%) of the survey’s respondents voted the car becoming messy with rubbish as the biggest car related 'headache', while 32% find that the windscreen becoming dirty with grime and dead bugs is the worst.