These are Ireland's top-selling 171 cars

Sales in January were down on last year...

These are Ireland's top-selling 171 cars

Gareth Fuller PA Wire / PA Images

Sales of new cars around Ireland fell slightly in January - when compared to last year.

39,019 171's were registered - down from 39,722 12 months ago.

January is traditionally the busiest month of the year for car sales, a late surge saw 5,063 cars being sold on the final day of the month.

The top selling models were:

1. Hyundai Tucson

2. Ford Focus

3. Ford Fiesta

4. Nissan Qashqai

5. Volkswagen Golf

The Hyundai Tuscon was also Ireland's top-selling car in 2016.

The top selling manufacturers in January were:

1. Hyundai

2. Toyota

3. Ford

4. Volkswagen

5. Nissan

Meanwhile - gray / silver was the most popular colour, followed by black and white.

Commenting on the figures, Michael Rochford Managing Director of, said, "It was predicted that this year’s new car sales would be on a par or even slightly down on last year. It is evident early on that equaling last year’s performance is going to be a challenge for the Motor Trade in Ireland this year.

"Due to Brexit and current exchange rates the surge in Used Cars imported from the UK has continued with over 7.5k units being imported in Jan 2017. That’s an increase of over 67% on last year. This effects new car sales as many consumers will opt for a bigger used car or one with a better spec rather than buying new."