"There's more chat and analysis over sport than ever before; is it really necessary?"

Risteard Cooper reflects on his 20 years of "taking the mickey" out of sports panels with George Hook

Risteard Cooper helped George get geared up for the Euros, as he joined the host of the Right Hook just before Euro 2016 kicks off in France.

The Apres Match veteran talked about his love of football - in fact any sport with a ball - as well as his belief that sports panels just aren't as necessary as we all might think.

He says he and his Apres Match colleagues have "spent the last 20 years taking the mickey" trying to highlight how pointless they are.  He says it's quite obvious they've "failed".

Away from football, he also touched on his love for the Irish language, and his hope that it wouldn't become obsolete.

Listen to the full interview below: