'There won't be a million this time' - Brian D'Arcy on the 2018 Papal visit

Rector, journalist & broadcaster Brian D'Arcy joined George on High Noon to talk about the significance of a visit from Pope Francis.

As we all know now, the Pope has confirmed he will visit Ireland in 2018, after Taoiseach extended an invitation in the Vatican earlier this week.

Father Brian D'Arcy was part of he organising committee that brought Pope John Paul II to these shores in 1979, drawing over a million people to the Phoenix Park.

Who better to give his thoughts on the significance of Pope Francis' visit to Ireland in 2018 than the veteran broadcaster.

'The country is different to what it was then.  There won't be a million people this time'.

D'Arcy spoke to George on High Noon today, and expressed delight at the prospect of a papal visit, hoping for a stop-off in Northern Ireland, and said that this Pope is bridging gaps with the public that the previous Pope couldn't.

Listen to the full interview below.