‘There is no vacancy for Fine Gael leader’- Varadkar

Fine Gael backbenchers are reportedly discussing a motion of confidence in Enda Kenny

‘There is no vacancy for Fine Gael leader’- Varadkar

Fine Gael Party Leader Enda Kenny TD, centre, and Finance Spokesperson Michael Noonan TD, left, and Leo Varadkar Photo /RollingNews.ie

Fine Gael minister Leo Varadkar has reiterated his support for the Taoiseach Enda Kenny by saying that there is no vacancy for a new leader of Fine Gael.

In a poll in yesterday's Irish Times the Social Protection Minister was tipped to be the electorate's favourite to take over the position of Party leader.

It comes as the Government Chief Whip Regina Doherty said members of Fine Gael and the Government would be better able to get on with their jobs if a time-line for Enda Kenny's resignation was set out.

But Minister Varadkar says it's up to the Taoiseach to decide if and when he's stepping down:
"My view is, really as I stated it previously, there is no vacancy. Enda Kenny is the leader of our party, he is the Taoiseach elected by the Dáil and the vacancy does not arise until he says it does.

“It's not about timelines, it's not about the forsesable future of the near future. The vacancy only arises when he says it does."

Minister Varadkar’s comments come amid reports that a group of Fine Gael backbenchers are discussing putting down a confidence motion in the Taoiseach at the next parliamentary party meeting.