'There are alternatives to speed bumps for calming traffic' - Ciaran Cuffe

The chair of Dublin City Council's Transport Committee was reacting to a UK report which said that speed bumps are causing too many death due to pollution.

Green Party councillor Ciaran Cuffe wasn't surprised by a report from the UK which suggested that speed bump are causing more air pollution, and there for more deaths.

'There is a grain of truth in what they're saying.  If a driver accelerates and decelerates, then emissions are going to increase.  It's all about driver behaviour.'

Health experts in the UK are recommending that local authorities should consider lower speed limits, clean air zones and even redesign speed bumps in a bid to reduce air pollution.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) said "smooth" driving would cut air pollution, linked to 25,000 deaths a year in England.

But pollution experts said the measures will only make small improvements.

NICE says tiny specks of soot from vehicle exhaust, brake linings and tyres, as well as nitrogen dioxide gas, damage people's health by increasing the risk of cancer and respiratory and heart diseases.

As a result, it is urging local authorities to do more to tackle air pollution.

Its recommendations include:

  • More 20mph speed limits in congested residential areas
  • Re-designing speed bumps to stop cars speeding up and slowing down between them
  • Restrictions on engine idling during short stops such as outside schools and hospitals
  • More charging points for electric cars in residential areas
  • Placing the most commonly-used rooms in new houses away from polluting roads
  • Training drivers to be more fuel efficient by driving more smoothly

Listen the full interview with Ciaran below.