The top five: Migrant agreement comes into force; Obama to visit Cuba

All this morning's top stories

An Irish-Algerian family injured in a suicide attack in Istanbul have returned home.

The family were caught up in the bomb blast that killed five people yesterday morning.


An agreement between the EU and Turkey on the handling of new migrant arrivals has come into force.

It'll allow Greece to send those whose asylum claims are rejected back to Turkey.

Politicians hope it'll put off those thinking of making the journey.


The main suspect in the Paris terror attacks has begun a legal fight against his extradition from Belgium to France.

Salah Abdeslam was charged after he was captured in a police raid in Brussels.


Demonstrators blocked a highway in Arizona as Donald Trump prepared to stage a rally near Phoenix yesterday.

The front-runner in the race to be the Republicans' US presidential candidate addressed supporters in Fountain Hills.

Some 50 protesters caused traffic jams as they held up posters with slogans such as "Dump Trump".


US President Barack Obama will later become the first American President to visit Cuba in 88 years.

It is a landmark step towards burying the hatchet after decades of tensions between the two nations.