The top five: Belgium 'destroys' terrorist network; Rolling Stones go ahead with Cuba concert

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Belgian police say a huge terror crackdown in Brussels after Tuesday's bombings means a jihadist network is being "destroyed".

There's been growing anger at the government for letting a string of militants slip through the net.


The President's rejected the idea that celebrating the centenary of the Easter Rising could cause unrest.

A series of State ceremonial events will get underway in Dublin from today to mark the 100th anniversary of the 1916 rising.

Over 3-thousand-seven-hundred members of the defence forces and emergency services will take part in this year's Easter Sunday centenary parade.


Business groups have been voicing their anger at plans by Luas drivers to strike tomorrow and Monday.

IBEC say it's very disappointed drivers voted overwhelmingly to reject a pay deal of up to 18.7 per cent after lengthy talks at the workplace relations commission.

Four more stoppages are planned during April.


Two men have been arrested following the robbery of an elderly man in Co. Monaghan.

The incident happened just before 5 o'clock yesterday evening - when a jeep signaled for the 86 year old to stop his car - near Scotch Corner.

It's understood a thief pretended to be a Garda and then stole the man's wallet.

The Rolling Stones have gone ahead with their free concert in Cuba - despite the Pope reportedly asking them not to.

The band were apparently sent a letter by the Vatican - wanting them to respect Good Friday as a Holy Day.