'The thing is, I don't believe he ever thought he'd be President'

It's episode 1 of 'Unpresidented', as George Hook and Adrian Collins begin a weekly discussion on the US presidency of Donald Trump

At least that's one thing they agree on.

Neither George nor Adrian Collins believe that Donald Trump ever thought he would actually have to be President, and it is playing no small part in what we are seeing at the start of his presidency.

The 'Muslim Ban', which Adrian insisted on calling it despite White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's protestations against the term, has caused huge controversy over the last week, but George isn't as surprised as some seem to be that the ban has been welcomed by many in the United States.

"There is a huge underestimation of just how fearful many ordinary Americans are that their country is slipping away from them."

What George was more concerned with was Trump's plans to slash away at the regulations stopping big banks from exposing themselves to risk; something Adrian agreed with him on.

"Something Trump has done regularly is throw a shiny object in front of the media, to cause everyone to get up in arms, then on the other side he's doing something a little more worrying."

George also asked Adrian if he buys the argument that people have a right to be annoyed at the Election result because Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

"The effort put in by the Republicans over the last decade has paid off.  For a tenth of the effort that it took to win the White House, they have control of the House and Senate.  So they control all local Government.  So it doesn't really matter that Hillary won the popular vote, because all around the country, Republicans are in charge."

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