The remarkable story of Anna Lo MBE, and her journey from Hong Kong to Northern Ireland

Anna joined George Hook on High Noon today to talk about her life and her book entitled 'The Place I Call Home'

Anna Lo's life has been a remarkable one.

Born in Hong Kong, Anna Lo settled in Northern Ireland in 1974.  She's qualified as a social worker and in 1997 she was appointed Director of the Chinese Welfare Association. 

In 2000 she was awarded an MBE, while later she joined the Alliance Party in 2006 and was elected as a member of the Northern Ireland legislative assembly in March 2007, making history as the first China born parliamentarian in Europe.

When she was elected media stories about Anna spread worldwide, from Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia and Australia.  Anna felt that Northern Ireland had not only entered into a new era of power-sharing government but also, by ‘electing me against all the odds showed that people in Northern Ireland were willing to embrace diversity’.

She was part of the Northern Ireland Assembly from 2007 and 2011.

Anna watched the relationship of Ian Paisley and Martin Mc Guinness, the deputy first minister develop into one so cordial that the two were dubbed the ‘Chuckle Brothers’.

Listen to her story, and she talked about her book, called 'The Place I Call Home'.