The papers: "Will we get a tax break?" - Yates on national physical activity plan

Ivan and Chris take a look at the morning papers... and find little incentive to get off the couch

"Where is the incentive? Is this just another example of the Nanny State?" were the burning questions Breakfast presenter Ivan Yates wanted to ask about the government's new National Physical Activity plan.

Minister for Health Leo Varadkar wants us adults to try to do 30 minutes of exercise five times a week.

For young people, they should be exercising for 60 minutes a day.

On the front pages: 

The Irish Times and The Irish Independent both have pictures of Micheál Martin and his big Enda election poster.

The Times leads with: "Inquiry into IBRC could be given High Court powers".

On The Independent has: "€2-an-hour childcare promise to parents. Labour targets working families with latest pledge".

The Irish Examiner: "Political budget threat to recovery says European Commission" - that story about a leaked report that says Europe is not happy with last year's budget, which it believes was politically motivated.....

The Daily Mirror has what it is calling a world exclusive: "Bowie's been secretely cremated" - a source in New York has said there will be no public arrangements for his cremation.

The Sun goes with: "Euro court ruling - Boss can snoop your private emails", and it is a sackable offence according to The European Court".

A European Court has ruled that it was legitimate for a firm to fire an employee over using company time for personal business. The Romanian man in question was presented with 45 pages of instant messages in which he was talking to his brother and fiance on private online messaging services - the court says that was a sackable offence.

The Herald leads with: "Porn site hijacked my photo" - a teenager has told of her horror at discovering her social media pictures were being used on a porn site.

The Star: "Witness tells of horror" - that story about a young Mum who was standing just yards from a real IRA gangster when he was shot dead outside a creche.

The Daily Mail is covering the practice of politicians putting up a big campaign poster ahead of the election to advertise a public meeting about - as Chris Donoghue says - "badgers". The paper calls it an abuse of election rules.

The Farmer's Journal: "Delayed payments to flow within weeks" and a review of the contrast between the growth in exports in food across the world and the simultaneous fall in farm incomes.

The ladyball. What is it? Adverts have been appearing promoting this supposedly new product, a woman's ball for use in sport. The 'fashion-driven' ball is, of course, pink. Former Dublin footballer Ger Brennan has endorsed the ladyball, but Newstalk Breakfast is expecting it to turn out to be a promotional stunt.

The Telegraph says red wine and fruit improve your sex life because they make you less likely to develop erectile disfunction.

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