The papers: "Botany is the study of bottoms" - Ivan on quiz show howlers

Ivan and Chris take a look at the morning papers... and find even stupid answers win money on TV quizzes

Living in close proximity to a pub makes you happier, according to The Daily Telegraph which is covering research out of Oxford.

You will have more friends and drink less say researchers - who are, admittedly working for a real ale campaign.

Nonetheless, patrons will be pleased.

On the front pages: 

Michael Lowry features on The Irish Independent: "Kenny refuses 11 chances to rule out Lowry as a likely kingmaker." Breakfast presenter Ivan Yates says the Taoiseach would be delighted to have Michael Lowry on side.'s George Hook has a column in that paper: "Johnny Sexton should think about quitting before it's too late."

The Examiner: "Kenny and Bruton refuse to rule out Lowry deal." 

That paper has a front page picture of Storm Jonas in the United States, and the snow drifts it brought.

Coverage too for: "Loans cost our SMEs double EU rate" and "Farmers criticise Coveney for flood payments 'no-show'."

The Irish Times has: "Fine Gael shifts to favouring public spending over tax cuts."

The Irish Daily Star: "Body parts found in canal - limbs found in a bag but head unconfirmed."

The Irish Sun: "Everything I love is gone" about a burglary at Twink's Dublin home. There is a picture of a safe beside her bathtub that thieves tried to short circuit by filling the bath with water. They made off with all kinds of memorabilia from the performer's time on stage.

The Herald: "Children aged 9 are using cocaine" warns drug worker Gemma Collins in Dublin.

The Irish Daily Mail: "Meet the €30 million lotto sellers. Ireland's luckiest family of newsagents add €14 million rollover ticket to their tally on the same weekend that another relative sold €260,000 ticket this weekend" - The Mirror covering that story also. spoke to seller Lorraine Carey - she told the show about discovering that she had helped someone become a millionaire. Carey's hunch is that it was a local who scooped the massive €14 million single win.

Inside the papers: 

According to The Examiner, health workers are to be given sweeteners to encourage them to get the flu jab. Authorities will offer spot prizes, raffles and chocolates in an effort to get staff to sign up.

The Irish Times says the Departmnet of Social Protection got more than 16,000 tip offs about suspected social welfare fraud from members of the public.

The Irish Daily Mirror has a story about a TV quiz show called The Chase. One 19-year-old student who competed last week, and who was a particularly bad contestant but who still managed to go home with £3,500 sterling.

The Mirror takes a look at quiz show howlers - they have included "What is botany the study of? - Bottoms". "What insect is found hovering above lakes? - Crocodiles".

Half a million Fianna Fáil pamphlets will be delivered through letterboxes this week, especially in Dublin - according to The Irish Independent.

#Growingupwithmyname is something that caught Ivan Yates' eye on Twitter. Tadhg, Gráinne, Róisín and Ciaras who have had to think about giving up on their names after difficulty overseas...particularly in America.

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