The Papers: "She hasn't had as much fun in years" - Ivan on pleasure

Ivan and Chris take a look at the morning papers... and find booking a holiday is more enjoyable than sex for women

One in six women say they get more pleasure from booking a holiday than they do from sex, according to The Star.

The poll of 500 people by Airbnb found four out of four browse holiday websites. 

Breakfast presenter Ivan Yates concurred, saying his wife thoroughly enjoying booking his holiday to Deauville for the races and horse sales in the summer - "She hasn't had such fun in years".

On the front pages: 

The Irish Independent has a picture of Serena Williams at The Australian Open to go with their story about the emerging scandal of match-fixing in tennis. That controversy will be covered on tonight's edition of the Panorama TV programme.

That paper leads with: "Scandal-ridden GSOC slapped down by Kenny", that story about the monitoring of journalists phones being investigated over coverage of Katy French's death.

The Irish Times has that story also, but leads with: "Very low take-up of EU refugee programme in Ireland" - just 20 asylum seekers have applied to come and live here after the government offered to accept up to 4,000.

"AIB offers better savings rates to the Germans" also on The Times.

The Irish Examiner: "Single fathers to get custody rights" - unmarried fathers, relatives and step parents are all to get enhanced rights over children.

The Irish Daily Mail covers a motion of no confidence in the Tánaiste today, they go with: "Mail investigation reveals three other Ministers used get-out clause to make appointments to top State post, including Richard Bruton".

Three of the tabloids go with the murder investigation in Kildare, after a man's partial remains were found in a suitcase Saturday.

"Chopped up after party row - Distressed woman in garda station linked to body bag probe" - The Herald's line.

The Mirror goes with: "Horror of suitcase torso, victim "was murdered" at house party".

While The Sun has: "Chainsaw butcher, killer used power tool to cut body".

The Daily Star has a different story from the courts: "I feel so scared since this evil man raped me", that story about the rape of a woman with Down Syndrome, whose attacker was before the courts for sentencing yesterday.

Inside the papers: 

The Irish Times has coverage of a 98-year-old Eileen Lesley Greer who worked on cracking the enigma code at Bletchley Park in the UK. She is to receive a medal later from the British Prime Minister, via Britain's Ambassador to Ireland at her nursing home in Ballsbridge, Dublin.

The Independent has totted up the amount of money political parties got from the State over the period 2011-2014 - Yates was shocked at the findings. Fine Gael got €18 million over the four years, excluding this year and last. Fianna Fáil received €13 million, Labour got €9.5 million, Sinn Féin was given €6.6 million and The Green Party got €432,000.

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