The Papers: "I don't see an issue" - McDowell blogs for bookmaker's website

Ivan Yates and Chris Donoghue discuss former Tánaiste's new career as a political blogger

A Harvard professor says she knows how to tell if somebody is lying and the real tell tale sign is when what they are saying doesn't match what they are doing with their body language.

Liars struggle with the fact that they are telling one story while suppressing another.

Despite those difficulties, apparently people are quite good at telling lies, and not that good at spotting lies.

That story is doing the rounds online this morning.

On the front pages of the papers meanwhile: 

The Examiner: "Anger as cancer hardship fund axed by charity". About 2,500 people get the €1,000 a year grant, but the Irish Cancer Society says it can no longer afford to pay it.

The Irish Independent: "Gardaí target 40 ISIL threats. Extremists blamed for Turkey bombing that killed 10 tourists".

Their second story: "144 jobs to go in Tipperary as C&C closes bottling plant".

The Irish Times and the Independent have a photograph of the late Paddy Healy's coffin going to Saints Island graveyard after his funeral at Newtowncastle by boat, because of flood waters near Loughrea have closed roads.

The Times leads with: "Insurers warn to alter stance on flood defences".

The Irish Daily Mirror: "Rot in hell", accompanied by a large picture of child killer Robert Black.

The same story on the front of The Irish Sun.

The Irish Daily Star: "Cannibal killer to sue the HSE" - Savario Bellante has launched a case from the Central Mental Hospital because of the conditions he is being held in after being convicted of killing his landlord Tom O'Gorman in 2014.

The Herald: "Our shock as cancer grant axed".

The Irish Daily Mail: "Pumps bonanza, with €1 diesel - bargain on the forecourt as petrol prices are set to continue falling".

Inside the papers: 

Fintan O'Toole in The Irish Times is publicising the case of an Irish person imprisoned in difficult conditions abroad. But it is not Ibrahim Halawa's case that he is drawing attention to when he talks about this prisoner's story of being subjected to threats of sexual assault and moved to solitary because of concerns for his safety where his mental health is at risk. In fact he is talking about former Anglo executive David Drumm, who is being held ahead of an extradition hearing in the US.

Former Newstalk presenter Claire Byrne is getting married this year, according to The Mirror.

Up to 90,000 people are looking for social housing, but new figures show that in Dublin one in five turned down offers of housing, while in Cork half of those offered accommodation didn't want it.

Finally, former Tánaiste and Attorney General Michael McDowell has been revealed as the new political blogger for bookmaker Paddy Power's website. Asked if he thought there might be a conflict of interest McDowell said: "I don't see an issue".

RTÉ have confirmed that Nicky Byrne is going to be the Eurovision song nominee for Ireland.

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