The ollie and the ivy this Christmas, as Spanish church transforms into incredible skate park

The 'Kaos Temple' in Asturias swaps worshippers for skateboarders

Kaos Temple, Llander, Asturias, Okuda San Miguel

[Red Bull © Lucho Vidales]

Holy rollers have taken on a whole new dynamic in a historic church in the Spanish city of Llanera, north of Oviedo, as those worshipping at the altar of the half-pipe have found a new place to take their skateboards.

Stripped of its pews, the Romanesque church has been converted into an incredible indoor skate park, with brilliant murals created by the artist Okuda San Miguel. Completed over the first two weeks of December, the artist brought stunning imagery to the Kaos Temple, as the church is now known, filling its vaulted ceilings and window-lined walls with modern and mesmerising artwork.

The church was created in collaboration with Red Bull, and you can look through the gallery images below: