'The more electronic tags the better as far as I'm concerned' - John O'Keefe

The criminologist joined George Hook on High Noon to react to plans by Minister Frances Fitzgerald to make bail terms stricter.

'I think she'll get this through, and I'm fully behind her.'

Criminologist John O'Keefe told George today that he always had a sneaking regard for the current Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald, and the plans to make bail terms more strict please him greatly.

'The justice system has been weighted in the wrong direction for too long, and this is a long time coming.'

Tough laws which will allow electronic tagging to be implemented and force courts to give reasons for granting bail are set to be approved.  The laws include:

  • Driving bans as a condition of bail
  • The imposition of night-time curfews
  • Persistent offending to be a block to the granting of bail
  • Judges must give reasons for granting bail
  • The prospect of suspected criminals being electronically tagged

O'Keefe sees no problem with electronic tags being used on criminals on bail.  If that serves as a further deterrent to criminals, then it's his belief that that can only be a good thing.

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