The case for medicinal cannabis

Addiction specialist Dr Garrett McGovern tells George Hook why medicinal marijuana should be legalised.

We moved closer to legalizing marijuana for medicinal use in this country when Health Minister Simon Harris pledged earlier this month to take action on the issue.

The Government also did not oppose the medicinal cannabis bill brought before the Dáil last Thursday.

Dr Garrett McGovern, GP specialising in addiction treatment at the Priority Medical Clinic in Dundrum, brought the case for marijuana's legalisation to George on High Noon today.

McGovern believes it's human right at this stage

Citing research carried out by Mike Barnes, McGovern said the use of cannabis eased cancer pain, treated childhood epilepsy, as well as a wide range of others. He also found it helped in the management of anxiety, the nausea of cancer patients and the painof MS and chronic pain sufferers.

He also found it would only be used for MS and other illness sufferers where traditional medicine if failing.

George was more than skeptical.

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