'The Taoiseach is right. Pornography is one of the biggest issues facing society' - Shane Coleman

Newstalk Breakfast's Shane Coleman debates the merits of a national discussion on pornography, as put forward by the Taoiseach, Enda Kenny

'It is ubiquitous'

Newstalk Breakfast's Shane Coleman told George on High Noon that Taoiseach Enda Kenny was 100% right in calling for a national discussion on the issue of pornography.

Kenny made the point yesterday, speaking in Dublin at the launch of a new helpline for the victims of crime.  Shane was in full agreement with the Fine Gael leader in wanting the issue addressed.

'It goes to the essence of people's sexuality, and also to the essence of their mental well being', said the Newstalk Breakfast presenter. 'It puts people under ferocious pressure to conform to the ideals put forward.  I actually think it's perverting our values.  I really do.'

George disagreed.

Listen to the full debate below.