The Sexual Offences Bill

The sex trade, crime, or marketplace.

The Sexual Offences Bill going through the Dail this week will decriminalise the sale of sex, but criminalise the purchase of sex. It’s the so-called Nordic Model which is supposed to protect prostitutes but make criminals of their clients. But sex workers object to the proposal, some say the Nordic Model has failed and others that sex should be traded legally, if that’s what consenting adults in a liberal society want to do. But if it’s all so egalitarian, why is it only men who want to buy sex?

Joining Sarah in studio, 

Nicola Tallant, Investigations Editor with the Sunday World.

Trish Murphy, psychotherapist, Irish Times columnist and author of  #Love 21st century relationships.

Noeleen Blackwell, Chief Executive of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre.