The Humanist Assoction of Ireland on the census

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  • When it comes to our religious landscape, Ireland has changed dramatically but will this be accurately reflected when we complete our census forms tomorrow? The Humanist Association of Ireland is encouraging people to mark the ‘No Religion’ box if you do not have a religion or do not practise one. 

Rónán Ó Dálaigh from the Humanist Association of Ireland joins Dil.

  • Parents want the best for their children especially when it comes to their education. However, school choices are limited particularly at secondary level. The parents of over 2220 children in the south Kildare area have decided to take matters into their hands and have pledged their support for a new Educate Together secondary school.

County Councillor Fiona McLoughlin Healy and her 10 year old daughter Erin,

And Jennifer Buttner, mother and founding member of SKET2nLevel, a group campaigning for a Second Level Educate Together School in Kildare South, join Dil.

  • The Immigrant Council of Ireland have recently returned from an exploratory trip to the French refugee camps in Calais, Dunkirk and Cherbourg to assess the situation on the ground.

Brian Killoran, CEO the Immigrant Council of Ireland joins Dil.