The HB Ice Creams That Time Forgot

Don't worry, we didn't forget Fat Frog.

HB still provide us with an awful lot of joy on sunny days like today, but over the years some ice creams just didn't make it.

Golly Bar

Vanilla ice cream on a stick. No frills, straight and to the point, just ice cream. Perfection, aside from the racism. They still exist in a more PC form, but it's just not the same.

Chilly Willy

So yeah, HB had a habit of choosing names which just would not have panned out well.

Chilly Willlies had their fans though. At least one, four years ago.


Were these even a thing? Vanilla, chocolate, and lemon sounds like a bold combination of flavours to unleash on the unsuspecting Irish public. Maybe too bold.

Also it should be noted that the Native American pictured (Hiawatha himself) is wearing headdress lined not with feathers, but with ice creams.


Sadly did not include hat.


Mr Freeze on a stick. As with Gollly Bars, simplicity at its finest.


Not Fat Frog. Never was, never will be. Sorry Crocodile.


Spooky. Mysterious. Mixed fruit flavour, but what fruit? The HB ice cream with a dark edge.

And last but certainly not least...

Fat Frog

It stole the nation’s heart and never let go. A Facebook campaign to bring them back is approaching 175,000 Likes and even prompted an official reaction from HB, who sadly confirmed they would not be bringing the delicious amphibian.