The Future for the EU and France

The final round of Presidential Elections in France takes place on Sunday, with the young and good-looking Centre-Independent candidate Emmanual Macron looking almost certain to beat the National Front’s Marine Le Pen. The election is seen to represent the ratification or rejection of the populist wave that led to Brexit and Trump.

But if Macron wins just because everyone wants to keep Le Pen out, will the elites in Europe relax, satisfied that the war on populism in has been won- and refuse to reform a system that many feel, has let them down.


France – If the centre holds, does the status quo win?


In studio – this morning- a trio of Professors!


Kevin O’Rourke is a professor of Economic History at All Souls College in Oxford.

Robert Elgie -  Professor of International Studies in the School of Law and Government at DCU

Emanuel Coman – represents the Department of Political Science at Trinity College


And on the line –

Dr Agnes Maillot - Lecturer in Intercultural Studies at Dublin City University