The Evening Top 5: Snow and ice warning issued; Four Irish named in all-time 6 Nations side

The top stories of the day

Snow and ice warning issued for across the country

Met Eireann have issued a snow and ice weather alert for across the country tonight.

The forecaster warns that icy patches are expected to develop overnight and early on Saturday in many parts of the country.

Four Irish players named in an All-Time Six Nations team

The Six Nations is only a week away as Scotland welcome England to Edinburgh for the opening game next Saturday.

It is the 17th season since the Six Nations expanded to include Italy and Welsh newspaper the Western Mail has picked it's best team from the six countries in the Six Nations era.

They have picked four Irish players to join six Englishmen, three Welsh, one Frenchman and an Italian. Ireland's four players include three former captains and contains two back and two forwards.

Doctor has 'no doubt' he has treated a Zika virus case in Ireland

Germany has confirmed that it has had five cases of the Zika virus between October 2015 and January 2016.

The announcement by the German health ministry came as the director of the Irish Tropical Medical Bureau said he was sure he treated a case of the virus in Ireland.

But Dr Graham Fry says there is little danger of the virus spreading to here.

The illness, which is spread by mosquitoes, is linked to brain defects in babies.

The Department of Foreign Affairs has issued travel advice for 20 countries in response to the outbreak.

Commercial Court makes €2m summary judgement against Mick Wallace

The High Court has made a €2m judgement against Independent TD Mick Wallace.

The Ulster Bank loan, which was granted in 2009, was assigned to an Irish subsidiary of US investment firm Cerberus.

The construction company M&J Wallace was set up by Mr Wallace's father in 1970, but is now in the hands of a receiver.

In June 2009, it received a €2m from Ulster Bank, but that was later assigned to Promontoria (Aran) Limited, which is a subsidiary of Cerberus - the US investment firm which Deputy Wallace referred to during allegations made in the Dáil about in relation to their purchase of a Northern Ireland loan portfolio from NAMA.

Creme Egg toastie anyone? Cadbury to open Creme Egg café in Dublin

The Creme Egg has long been a traditional treat in the run-up to Easter - and this year the gooey chocolate eggs are getting their own café in Dublin. 

The Creme Egg Café will be located within Lock 6 on Canal Road in Dublin, and will be open between Tuesday 16th February and Saturday 20th February.

The pop-up eatery will serve up a menu of unusual Creme Egg based snacks, likely to delight and disgust in equal measure.