The Evening Top 5: Luas drivers to consider "all-out strike", tributes continue to pour in for John Cruyff

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Union says Luas drivers "will have to consider" all-out strike

The union representing Luas drivers says it cannot rule out an 'all-out' strike. There will be no trams in Dublin on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday after staff overwhelmingly rejected a pay deal offering rises of almost 19%. The strike will coincide with 1916 Rising centenary celebrations in the city centre this weekend.

Microsoft's Twitter A.I. became a Holocaust-denying racist within 24 hours of going live

On Wednesday, Microsoft released @TayandYou on to Twitter, their artificial intelligence bot that was designed to understand conversational understanding. The goal was for Tay to mimic the language used by it's fellow Twitter users, and perform a series of automated discussions.

Altered anti-Muslim graffiti in Dublin gets global attention

Graffiti in Dublin has been gaining global attention after it was altered in praise of Muslims. The original piece spray painted on a wall had said people of the religion are scum - however it was quickly changed.

Robert De Niro's TriBeCa film festival under fire for showing anti-vaccination documentary

An anti-vaccination documentary is scheduled to be screened at this year's TriBeCa Film Festival, which has garnered some huge negative reactions. The festival, which was established by actor Robert De Niro among others, will show Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, which is directed by former doctor Andrew Wakefield, who published a fraudulent paper on the subject which linked vaccinations to autism. Wakefield was later stripped of his medical license for abusing developmentally challenged children.

How Cruyff became more of an "ultimate hero" to the Dutch than any artist, king or queen

"In a certain way, I’m probably immortal," Johan Cruyff, who died this week at the age of 68, once said. Of all the linguistically inventive declarations made by the Dutch maestro, this one is probably the most apt, especially in the context of the tragic mood that struck the Netherlands following the sad news of their legendary number 14’s passing. Among feelings of loss and grievance, there is an overwhelming sense that Johan Cruyff will never truly leave the people.