'The Church tries something innovative, moving into the 21st Century, and they get kicked'

George Hook made the comment after he learned that a Tallaght school is giving 'stamps' for Mass attendance ahead of Holy Communion.

Children in second class at St Kevin’s Girls and St Kevin’s Boys national school in Kilnamanagh in Tallaght are taking part in an initiative to attend weekly mass in preparation for their communion.

The children have been given ‘passports’ as part of the ‘Do this in Memory’ programme that is being used to prepare them for their Holy Communion.

They will get a stamp each week when they attend mass - so they can keep track of how many times they attended Mass.

Fianna Fáil Councillor for Tallaght Central Charlie O'Connor, who is on the board of this school, joined George to discuss the issue.

'The initiative has been warmly welcomed.  It's a novel idea.  It's asking those who are taking Communion to take a 'passport', and when you turn up, it's stamped.'

George argued that kids know exactly what this means, and it seems as though the minute the Church tries to move with the times, they get criticised.

Councillor O'Connor made the point that he thinks Mass is a good tradition for youngsters to take part in.

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