Best of The Right Hook: Was the Banking Inquiry a waste of time?, Ireland advised to keep itself 'beautiful', and George learns about the real high life

Some of the best interviews from the Right Hook today

The Right Hook consisted of quite a mix of topics today and we've put some of the best interviews together in one location for you.

Today, George asks Labour TD, and Chairperson of the Banking Inquiry, Ciaran Lynch whether it was a big waste of time?

He's also joined by a Danish MP who, after the Danes' new ruling on refugees, urges Ireland to stay 'beautiful'.

George speaks to Brendan Conroy, who gave up his job to home school his kids.

And George learns how to really live the high life, as he speaks to Ben Schlappig, who is an expert in accumulating airline miles and hotel points.You can listen back to all of the interviews here:

You can listen back to all of the interviews here: