'The Barrow Line is nature's corridor. It is not wide enough to cater for these plans'

Olivia O'Leary joined George on High Noon today.

Earlier in the week, High Noon discussed plans to hard surface the River Barrow to accommodate cyclists.

Waterways Ireland is proposing to replace the grassy sward on the River barrow line with a hard surface. This is to accommodate bicycles and develop a River Barrow Barrow Cycling Trail. 

There was strong reaction from listeners, mostly against these plans.

Olivia O’Leary, Chair of the 'Save the Barrow Line' committee joined George on High Noon to give her reaction.  She is from Borris in Co Carlow, spent her holidays there and still does.  She has also been writing about its beauty for 45 years.

She told George that the group is in favour of more boating on the river, and more walkers, cyclists, joggers and anglers on the towpath; but they are against the putting down of a hard unbound surface on the narrow towpath which will encourage speed which raises major safety issues beside a waterway

The Barrow Line is already maintained – the grass is cut often and she doesn’t see the point of placing a hard surface down. It is a natural amenity and should be maintained as it is.

You can listen to the interview by clicking below.

Don't forget, you can get involved going here - http://savethebarrowline.com/