Taoiseach: Bills will rise for some customers under new bin charging rules

Fianna Fáil has called for the new rules to be frozen until an independent waste regulator is established

Taoiseach: Bills will rise for some customers under new bin charging rules

File photo. Image by Laura Hutton/RollingNews.ie

The Taoiseach has confirmed that scrapping the flat-rate bin charges will mean increased charges for some householders.

A “more flexible framework” for waste collection charges has received Cabinet approval.

The rules are set to come come into effect from July 1st.

Leo Varadkar has defended the move as being necessary to give households a bigger incentive to recycle and take waste away from landfill - although acknowledged some households will be paying more.

He explained: "It is the case that some people will face a rise in bills. That will often be where private providers are providing a service below cost - and providing a cost below cost is not sustainable.

"Even if it was given back to local authorities they would not be able to provide a service below cost - in fact, the increase would potentially be even higher in those circumstances."

Opposition parties have slammed the proposed changes, insisting that the system will open the doors for waste collectors to effectively charge “whatever they want".

This evening, Fianna Fáil's environment spokesperson claimed the new charging regime "must be frozen" until an independent waste regulator is established.

Timmy Dooley argued: “There is deep unease and concern right across the country, in both urban and rural communities that this change will lead to rocketing prices.

“A Waste Regulator is desperately needed to ensure that there is no price gouging and fixing in the industry, and to ensure that consumers have a body to complain to if they have issues with their operator."