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Across the world, be it America where white police officers are shooting black citizens, in the Middle East and Europe where Islamic terrorists murder the wrong kind of Muslim or Westerners, or here in Ireland where the middle class campaign to keep Travellers out of their areas, people are pleading for us to remember that humanity should be our race and love our religion.

But can anything liberate us from the apparently overwhelming compulsion to identify The Other, and judge, or hate, or kill them, just because they’re not like us? How sure can you be that given the right circumstances the savagery of Syria, Bosnia or Rwanda couldn’t happen here? We’re all human after all.

Identifying and hating the enemy is an instinct exploited by politicians and terrorists that drives everything from Brexit to ISIS.

So, who do you say YOU are? Who do you teach your children to judge, or to hate? Those people from the wrong housing estate? Nigerians? Romanians? Travellers? Priests? Gays? The Dubs?

Or do you preach tolerance, but cultivate your own difference and assert membership of your tribe?

But if we're condemned to fear and resent difference, are we capable of celebrating rather than resenting tribalism? Should we try to emphasis what we have in common, not where we differ and ignore tribes?

In other words, is diversity the enemy of moral progress?

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