TED Radio Hour: Truth and Lies

On this week's show, TED speakers share insights on navigating a world where even the facts are up for debate.

After publishing the book Denying the Holocaust, Deborah Lipstadt  was sued for libel in the UK by Holocaust denier David Irving. Rather than ignore the case, she chose to fight it -- and won.

Michael Specter explores why some deny scientific evidence -- such as the safety of vaccines and GMOs, or climate change. He says denying can provide a sense of control in an unsure world.

Technology allows us to choose information to support our beliefs. In this new reality, cybersecurity expert Laura Galante  says, it's easier for foreign governments to influence public opinion. 


Stephanie Busari discusses the flip-side of fake news: denying real news. She recounts the kidnapping of Nigeria's Chibok schoolgirls and how some Nigerians believed the news was a government hoax.

After visiting an occult bookstore, Carrie Poppy began experiencing some strange symptoms. She thought she was being haunted by a demon - until she found a scientific explanation for her symptoms.