TED Radio Hour: Rethinking Medicine

Our approach to treating disease is, in many ways, narrow and rooted in the past. Is it time for a new paradigm? On This week's show, TED speakers share their visions for new ways to understand medicine.

When it comes to medicine, one rule of thinking has generally prevailed: Have disease, take pill, kill something. But physician Siddhartha Mukherjee  says treatment should take a broader approach.

Surgeon Atul Gawande. says doctors used to know and do everything themselves -- like craftsmen, or cowboys. But those days are over. He argues for creating systems where clinicians all work together.

Neurosurgeon Jocelyne Bloch and her colleague were studying brain samples of head trauma patients when they made an amazing discovery -- brain cells with the ability to generate new cells.


Many black men trust their barber more than their primary care doctor, if they even have one. Physician Joseph Ravenell wants to turn barbershops into a place where men can access basic health care.