TED Radio Hour: Manipulation

We think we're the ones who control what we see, read, think -- and remember. But is that true? Who decides? And who should decide? In this week's show , TED speakers reveal how easily we can be manipulated

Tristan Harris co-founded the organization Time Well Spent, which aims to spark a conversation about the kind of future we want from the tech industry. Previously, he worked for Google as a design ethicist, and was CEO and co-founder of Apture, a tech company later acquired by Google.

Ali Velshi is an anchor with MSNBC and economics correspondent for NBC. He has also worked with CNN and Al Jazeera America. He has been nominated for three Emmy Awards.

Years of research have taught Elizabeth Loftus just how unreliable our memories are. From tweaking a real memory to planting a completely fabricated one, tampering with our minds is surprisingly easy.

Neuroscientist Steve Ramirez used lasers to enter the brains of mice and edit their memories. He imagines a future where this technology might be possible in humans as well.